Lo staff di Viverchic presenta le proprie proposte turistiche in Franciacorta, lago d'Iseo e campagna bresciana in occasione della rassegna Expo 2015 proponendo: pernottamenti, brevi vacanze, weekend, settimane con escursioni specificamente organizzate per Expo 2015 con accompagnatori in 5 lingue.

Pacchetti viaggio all-inclusive per Expo 2015

villa Guarneri - particolari del percorso del viale dei bossi

visita a villa Guarneri con cocktail for Expo 2015

Dopo la visita guidata alla casa e al giardino sarà servito un elegante cocktail in portico o in galleria a seconda delle condizioni climatiche.  

Escursioni contenute nel pacchetto:

castello di Bornato - i bastioni

Il borgo antico di Bornato di Franciacorta, visite e soggiorni for Expo 2015

Visita al borgo antico di Bornato in Franciacorta: il Castello, le case, le cantine, la pieve, il laghetto del Paì. Si inizia con la visita guidata al castello, a seguire la colazione (ore 13:00/14:00) servita o in Castello o in volta Ambrosini (a seconda delle condizioni climatiche). Il pomerigg [...]

Pacchetti viaggio per Expo 2015

castello di Bornato - interno del palazzo con cortile

Bornato Castle and Villa Orlando for Expo 2015

This magnificent structure, residence of the Bornati family since the1200’s, features amazing rustic walls. The marvellous Villa Orlando surrounds a central part of the original medieval castle . The guided tour of the rooms of the park, cellar, prison, chapel, tower, groundfloor and the floor of [...]

Orlando-Zingales House for Expo 2015

At the castle of Bornato Cazzago, San Martino(Brescia) just outside the Rovato toll-house, just above a terrace overlooking the landscape of the marvelous vineyards of Franciacorta, Marcella Orlando has three rooms on offer (one single and two double) on the first floor which have breathtaking views [...]

The Palace of the Secco D’Aragona family for Expo 2015

Walking through the district of Bornato, its impossible not to stumble upon the palace of the Secco D’Aragona family. An impressive edifice, it encompasses two separate structures owned first by the Martenego family and then by the Bornato’s . Today the owners (the Secco d’Aragona [...]

Crespi Mansion among the Linden trees for Expo 2015

On the uplands that dominate the rustic commonwealth of the Bornati family, we can find Villa Crespi, a lively pansion perfumed with lavander and hydrangeas. It offers three bedrooms with expansive and comfortable bathrooms . The view of the valley and vineyards from the first floor windows is spect [...]
cantina Ambrosini - portone

The Ambrosini Vault for Expo 2015

A few steps away from the castle of Bornato, at the center of the estate of the Bornato family is the cellar, known as the “the Antique vault“. Recently renovated, it is visitable and can also be used for a “quick bite” or “dinner”.  Also on offer are the product [...]
Giardino delle erbe danzanti

The Garden of Dancing Herbs -Paratico Lake if Iseo for Expo 2015

This remarkable garden,  situated in the area called “le chiatte” (the barge’s) encircles the lake and is filled with intelligently planted ornamental herbs among which we can spot various field flowers and  shrubs. The sculptures and equipment make the entrance of the garden eve [...]

The Guarneri Mansion for Expo 2015

Built in the late 1700s in the center of Cazzago San Martino, (2km from Bornato ) the mansion comprises of a big center, two symmetric towers, and a park . It is rich in horticultural species, and boasts of a great  rose garden. Although the Guarneri family  now live there,  it can be visited by [...]
villa Cantoni Marca Di Rosa - in campo

The Cantoni Marca di Rosa Mansion and it’s riding school Manerbio (BS) for Expo 2015

A pleasant day in the country can be enjoyed at the estate of the descendents of Count Clem Cantoni Marca di Rosa: There is a riding-school at the heart of the palace farm and it is managed by his niece Giulia. It offers an amiable approach to the world of horses offering ponys for younger children. [...]
palazzo Cantoni Marca Di Rosa Brescia

The Cantoni Marca di Rosa Palace in Brescia for Expo 2015

Designed by the architect Antonio Turbinu in the 18th century, the castle presents an impressive facade on A.Monti’s street (Brescia) marked with elegant  window frames. Entering we can see a beautiful courtyard surrounded with arches  which is embellished with two twin fountains. It was pre [...]
la Colombera - la torretta

la Colombera Castrezzato (BS) for Expo 2015

The pretty country house recently renovated is attached to a nine hole golf course and offers seven refreshing bedrooms. It is situated in the middle of Brescian countryside . There are large open spaces around the house that inculde gardens ,a lake and a lot of room for walks to remember. For those [...]
castello di Padernello con fossato

il castello di Padernello for Expo 2015

In costruzione… ingresso con ponte levatoio ponte levatoio torre ovest fossato con barca s [...]
Castel Drugolo e fattorie Ambrosini

Drugolo Castle and the Ambrosini farms for Expo 2015

The Ambrosini winemaking family in Franciacorta manage a large agrarian estate in the Morenich hills near the lake of Garda in the heart of which lies the amazing Drugolo Castle. Allow us to advise a one day excursion that offers walks through forests and fields filled with cattle and various herds [...]
Montisola - lungolago a Peschiera Maraglio

Montisola and Lake Iseo for Expo 2015

A one day tour with a private boat – you leave from Iseo and arrive at Paratico (the garden of dancing herbs – and  “the barge’s” Restaurant). During this tour we will visit the shore of Brescia as well as the shore of Bergamo and its most famous sites. Breakfast (at about 13/ [...]