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residenze di campagna del Bresciano for Expo 2015

Pacchetto proposto da "Sapore di Sale" Camelia Viaggi. Per maggiori informazioni

Pacchetti contenuti nel viaggio:

la Colombera - la torretta

la Colombera Castrezzato (BS) for Expo 2015

The pretty country house recently renovated is attached to a nine hole golf course and offers seven refreshing bedrooms. It is situated in the middle of Brescian countryside . There are large open spaces around the house that inculde gardens ,a lake and a lot of room for walks to remember. For those [...]
castello di Padernello con fossato

il castello di Padernello for Expo 2015

In costruzione… ingresso con ponte levatoio ponte levatoio torre ovest fossato con barca s [...]
villa Cantoni Marca Di Rosa - in campo

The Cantoni Marca di Rosa Mansion and it’s riding school Manerbio (BS) for Expo 2015

A pleasant day in the country can be enjoyed at the estate of the descendents of Count Clem Cantoni Marca di Rosa: There is a riding-school at the heart of the palace farm and it is managed by his niece Giulia. It offers an amiable approach to the world of horses offering ponys for younger children. [...]